Friday, May 25, 2018

"I loved 'Grace in Love'

A friend  with a background in history wrote to me recently:

 I loved Grace in Love.   It is so vivid and well written.  The thing I liked best was your portrayal of the conflicts a “modern” young woman of the 1920s faced when it came to her doubts and fears about sexuality.  What to say to men she became involved with? What to do about birth control?  How to judge a man she loved:  Willem, for example, whom I did not like. The book is also so valuable as a portrayal of the Canadian left.  I love what you make of Agnes MacPhail, for example. Thanks so much for sending me a copy.


Grace in Love, and my earlier novel, Grace and the Secret Vault, are available at Singing Pebble Books, as well as from myself and the publisher (

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