Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My half-day at Prose in the Park

Two Saturdays ago, I had a table at the Prose in the Park event in Parkdale Park in Ottawa, and while there I was fortunate to have a table near that of Karole Dumont, a writer and publisher. She is the author of the "in time" series of novels, a saga featuring First Nations people in Canada, and published by her publishing company, Metis Publishing, under her pen name, K.D. Beckett.

I enjoyed being outdoors seeing other authors, although book fairs don't result in big sales for the writers because there are too many of us competing with each other in a confined area.

The fact that I was able to attend and enjoy it is thanks to my husband, Roger Latta, who helped me move my books  there, lugged a heavy table to my location because the organizers were too busy, then helped move the table when the organizers informed me that they wanted it moved. He directed another writer to the source of the tables and located an organizer to help this other writer when the tables were all gone. He sat at my table and minded my books while I circulated within the park fence to meet other writers; otherwise I would have been confined to my table. Being outside the fence (perhaps because I was late in registering) I couldn't hear the readings by the big name authors imported for the event, but it didn't matter because I had him to talk to. I couldn't have managed without him!

My recently published work

My short story, They Can't Understand It, soon to be published in the Carleton University literary magazine, Passages, appears on their website, below:

My review of Flash Fiction International,a collection of very short stories, appears in Compulsive Reader, see the link below: