Saturday, September 27, 2014

Visit to Fitzroy Park

On Thursday Roger and I went to Fitzroy Park, an Ottawa River provincial park not far from Ottawa and just outside the village of Fitzroy Harbour. We used to go there quite often but this was our first visit this year. Below are some pictures we took there. 

Also below is a poem "The Fair Park of Fitzroy", which I wrote some years ago in response to a challenge from a friend to write a poem  like W.B. Yeats's "The Lake Isle of Innisfree." So here is my  homage to, or parody of, Yeats's poem:

by Ruth Latta

Let's get out the car, dear, and go to Fitzroy Park
and sit at a picnic table, beneath a maple tree.
We'll take a lunch from Subway; oh it will be a lark,
to dine with wasp and bumblebee.

And we shall have some peace there, some peace to sit and write
At least we will in springtime, before the campers come.
True, there is a season, when blackflies love to bite
and evenings of mosquito hum.

Let's gas up the Ford, Hon, in spite of all these things.
The air is clear and pure there, and free of gasoline.
Wind whispers in the tree tops and song birds sing - 
 I need the scent of evergreen.