Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pat Moore likes "The Songcatcher and Me"

Ottawa singer/songwriter Pat Moore has read my new novel, The Songcatcher and Me, and has written the following about it:

This believable story draws you into wanting to know what will happen next from a few different perspectives. Written for youth, the story uses "song catching" as a backdrop for telling the reader about life in the '50s, a wholesome story about family dynamics, and, of course, about the importance of keeping our history alive - this time in the form of songs which could otherwise be lost forever. Though I can't claim to be a youth, as a singer/songwriter myself I was drawn into this fun story and its original song lyrics by Ruth Latta.

The Songcatcher and Me, by Ruth Latta, is being published by Baico Publishing Inc., 294 Albert St. Suitre 103, Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 6E6  Email:   The Songcatcher and Me has the ISBN 978-1-927481-36-3

When I dropped off a manuscript copy of The Songcatcher and Me at Pat's for her perusal, I bought one of her CDs: Take it to Heart, by Pat Moore and the Vinyl Frontier. I play it frequently when at my computer. It's available at

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