Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Winter Moon

Soon I will have a new collection of short stories in print. "Winter Moon" will be published by Baico Publishing in Ottawa The ISBN is 978-1-926-596-92-1

The stories in "Winter Moon" include quite a few that have been among the winners in local contests or have been published in literary magazines.

Here is an excerpt from "Big Whitey":

(c) Ruth Latta, 2010

"When Earl's head nods over the newspaper, his shock of white hair falls forward. Sometimes he mumbles, "Get out-a there!" or "What the hell are you doing?" His grandchildren smile indulgently and when he wakes up, they say, "You were having quite a nightmare!" He just smiles. He was time-travelling, back to the farm and Big Whitey. All the animals on his grandparents' farm interested Earl, but the one that impressed him most was Big Whitey, the bull. ..."

Below is an excerpt from "Clive and Cuddles"

(c) Ruth Latta, 2010

" Cuddles was part miniature poodle and part something else, perhaps Pekinese. Though his fur was matted and he needed a bath, his soulful eyes reminded Clive a litlte of Karen's. A hairball of a dog would be perfect for a maternal person like Mom. He had some misgivings when he bundled the little animal too roughly into a carrier, and Cuddles nipped him, but, all in all, his impulse had proved right.

Cuddles and Mom McBride have settled into the Meadowview. When Cuddles isn't humping the ottoman he is on her lap, casting territorial glances at anyone who comes tooclose to her. He has grown plump on his favourite treat, chocolate covered cherries. Mom's comings and goings are governed by Cuddles' likes and dislikes. He enjoys malls but hates high rises, so Mom and Cuddles don't visit the condo too often, much to Clive's relief. ..."

"Winter Moon", containing these stories and others, will be available from me and from Baico in a couple of weeks.

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