Sunday, June 6, 2010


This past Friday I attended the workshop session of The Writers' Union of Canada annual general meeting in Ottawa. There, I was convinced of the importance of having a blog. So, thanks to my husband, Roger Latta, who is more technically savvy than I, I now have one.
Writing, especially fiction, will be the main focus of this blog. For the past thirty years I have been writing for publication. Currently my reviews appear in the Ottawa monthly, Forever Young, and online in Canadian Materials. My most recent book, published in 2009 by Baico Publishing of Ottawa ( is Spelling Bee (ISBN 978-1-926596-19-8, $22.95, available from myself or from the publisher. For information on my other books and published writing, visit my website at
The Writers' Union of Canada AGM workshops were interesting and a welcome break from the computer. It was exciting to see Margaret Atwood up close and personal, and a pleasure to have conversations with historian Valerie Knowles and memoirist Joan Levy Earl. In another post I'll probably have more to say about what I learned in the workshops.

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